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Botox Cosmetic: Smoothing Away Fine Lines and More New York, NY

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Botox Cosmetic: Smoothing Away Fine Lines and More

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It was Botox® that made waves when it first came on the scene as a solution for frown lines and other types of deeper wrinkles. As the most well-known name in neuromodulators, it’s a product that can turn back the clock by up to a decade, and sometimes more. There’s a reason why Botox is still the name to trust, and there’s a reason why Creative Facial Aesthetics puts their trust in it as well.

Frown Lines

Frown lines can start to appear at any age and get deeper and more noticeable with time. As we become used to a high-stress world, our faces often show this stress with increasing frown lines. They are caused by, well, frowning. However, you can smooth away the “11” between your eyebrows with Botox injections.

Crow’s Feet

We spend more and more hours with our eyes on a screen, mobile or not, and it can take its toll on the appearance of our eyes. The first signs of wrinkles around the eyes are crow’s feet, and they extend outward from the far corners of your eyes. The more screen time you get, and the more stress you experience each day, the more these crow’s feet can deepen.

Another of the many benefits of Botox Cosmetic is the ability to smooth out these lines, however fine. Even the finest lines can contribute to an aged appearance, so why not speak with a facial rejuvenation specialist about smoothing them away with Botox?

Forehead Lines

Unlike frown lines and crow’s feet, which are typically a result of only two or three factors, forehead lines can appear because of many. Depending on your overall health, age, genetics and daily habits, forehead lines can appear in different areas and at different depths. These can be smoothed out and relaxed to reduce their appearance with Botox Cosmetic.

The Many Benefits of Botox

Would you be surprised to learn that one of the uses for Botox is migraine relief? There are many reasons to consider Botox for smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles about the face or relaxing muscles to give a lifted appearance. If you’d like to learn more, call Creative Facial Aesthetics to schedule a consultation. We can answer your questions and show you what Botox may be able to do for you.

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What our patients are saying

4.9 / 5.0

Based on 106 reviews

Stephen P.

I've been to Michele for a numbers of years for various procedures and she's fantastic, a true artist. Michele never pushes procedures, always takes her time and the final results are superb. I'm in the entertainment industry and need to look my best. I'm thrilled that she's now moved offices and I was able to track her down, I wouldn't trust my face to anyone else. My advice, put yourself in her hands and trust and you'll be amazed at the results: not only is her work exceptional but very natural.

Robin M.

I have gone to Michele for more than 10 years, following her to her new location. It's so long ago but I think I heard of her expertise in a magazine article or blog. I trust Michele completely and have done botox and filler on many occasions during this time, The results are always perfect, so natural.

Scott S.

As someone who was very hesitant to try Botox, as I am a performer/dancer and expression is a huge part of my career, I could not be happier with the treatments I have received from Michele! I have gotten so many "You look so young!" and "You skin looks incredible!". Michele took her time to explain to me the benefits of different treatments and was very responsive to my concerns. I have recommended friends to her who are so grateful to me! As a person who came to aesthetic medicine through an incredible journey of her own, Michele is unparalleled in her compassion, skill and knowledge. Go see her! You will be in the BEST hands!

Melodie D.

Michele Rivard is the best I have had for my injections of botox and fillers. She is meticulous, exact and knows what needs to be done to make my face be the best it can be. I highly recommend her for whatever you want done and you will be happy with the results.

Meredith G.

Saw Dr. Khosh for a fractured nose. He reset my nose beautifully (and with little discomfort to me) and then discussed some of my sinus issues with me upon my follow up visit. Never felt like he was rushing me out and felt very confident in his abilities. I would highly recommend to anyone needing plastic or reconstructive options!

Jackie C.

Great front office, really good experience after what was a terrible accident. I was made to feel comfortable. Dr. Khosh is very good at what he does. I'm still healing but I'm confident of the results

Kaitlin M.

Dr. Khosh takes exceptional care of his patients. He has operated on me twice, each time making me feel extremely comfortable and satisfied with the results. His staff is also very kind and knowledgeable.

Leah G.

Upon hearing of the overwhelmingly positive experience a friend of mine had in choosing Dr. Khosh as her surgeon, I decided to make an appointment for my own septoplasty/rhinoplasty/turbinate reduction. Although I was slightly skeptical as the praise I had heard seemed a bit hyperbolic, all uncertainty dissipated after meeting the Doctor and his staff. My pre- and post-operative experience was excellent in terms of concerns adequately addressed prior to the surgery and mitigation of any bruising in the convalescent period. Despite my apparent predisposition to rather slower healing, a year after the surgery, my nose looks really pretty and my breathing entirely unobstructed! I highly recommend Dr. Khosh!

Creative Facial Aesthetics

245 5th Avenue, Suite 334
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Phone: (332) 223-6655

Monday & Tuesday 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
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